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Three Bedroom House

4010 Middlehurst Dayton, OH

Meadowbrook Studios

Your Realty Partners in the Greater Dayton Area


      W & M Properties has all the appeal and proximity of a local company, but with the experience of a leasing giant! We will guide you through every aspect of leasing residential real estate in the greater Dayton area. Since 1981, W & M Properties provides that "hometown" know-how you won't find anywhere else.  All of our leasing agents were raised and still live in the area, and are experts at answering any questions you may have about our community. Not to brag, but W & M Properties is one of the few property management companies that has survived the recent real estate collapse.


 Our motto of proving quality housing at affordable pricing has stood the test of time.


     Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you find the property that exceeds your demands.


Meadowbrook Studios


6200 Taywood Rd.


Englewood, OH 45322


Phone: 937-832-0870

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W & M Properties

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